Stay On Track


Maintain Focus and Expand Your Horizons

Performance is all about DISCIPLINE. If you’re already doing what you love the next thing is to maintain it and keep it flourishing into the future. Getting started is just that - its a start. So many businesses and ventures rush headlong into the world without a clear idea about sustainability and crash before they can really begin making an impact. Running a business is a marathon, not a sprint.

I have found that real change happens incrementally as the result of many small victories and hundreds of hours of hard work. Being a Change Maker means keeping your eyes on the prize, being able to roll with the punches and holding true to your vision over the long term. There’s no such thing as the overnight sensation. To be able to take advantage of opportunities takes
dedication and preparation, so that when your moment arrives you have a firm enough foundation to support the attention you are about to receive.

Work with me to maintain your vision over the long term.

We’ll look at sustainability, scalability and expansion, how to manage yourself and your team, how to spread your ideas, build in independence and how to stay fresh as you evolve and grow. To do that we’ll concentrate on the final 5 of the 15 Practices to Change the World.

Owning What’s Yours

Managing Resources

Nourishing the Instrument

Adding Value

Daring to Fail


This package is for solo-preneurs, partnerships or small businesses of up to 10 people. 15 hours of coaching spread over a full year of support to revitalise your current project and take it to the next level.

#1 A full 6 Hour One Day Intensive to get an oversight of your project, where you are now and where you’d like to get to

#2 3 x 3 hour Follow Up Sessions, one a quarter, to hold you accountable and pick up on anything that comes up as you get going

#3 Access to Phone and Email support between sessions

#4 Access to all my other services at a discounted rate

I want to help you Stay On Track so you can continue serving your people way into the future, and not burn out along the way.


£3000 for one or two people

either in 4 instalments of £750

or in a lump sum for a 10% discount – £2700

£100 for every extra person up to 10 people


If for any reason you are not finding the sessions beneficial you can cancel at any time and get a full discount of any sessions not yet taken.

If you’d like to work on PERFORMANCE with me, complete this short questionnaire so I can find out more about your needs. If I feel I can help I’ll be in touch to arrange a 30 minute free consultation call.

Looking forward to serving you soon!

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