Find Your Feet


Find Your Feet and the Rest Will Follow

Identity is all about MAKING CHOICES. Your life is your choice. At work or at play the decisions you make shape who you are and affect the lives of those around you. Your choices can either keep you stuck going over old ground or take you forward to pastures new.

New advances in neuroscience are telling us that the brain will turn regular choices into unconscious habits. If you find yourself doing the same things and having the same thoughts over and over again, you may find that your personality starts to reflect those habits. Your very Identity becomes an unconscious construct of outside influences that don’t serve you, don’t value you and don’t allow you to be the person you really are.

Work with me to find out who you are and how you fit in the world.

We’ll look at how to work with your body to find out what you really think and feel about the world around you, how to overcome resistance to stepping outside your comfort zone and how to set goals allied with your personal values and definition of success. To do that we’ll concentrate on the first 5 of the 15 Practices to Change the World.

Showing Up

Choosing Your Destination

Overcoming Resistance

Knowing What Comes First

Finding The Right Fit


I work in 3, 6 or 10 hour packages to be taken in any way you wish. For best results I recommend that sessions are no shorter than 90 minutes


3 Hours – £297

6 Hours – £597

10 Hours – £997

From 6 hours upwards you can either pay in a lump sum for a 5% discount or in up to 3 instalments.

If for any reason you are not finding the sessions beneficial you can cancel at any time and get a full discount of any sessions not yet taken.

If you’d like to work on IDENTITY with me, complete this short questionnaire so I can find out more about your needs. If I feel I can help I’ll be in touch to arrange a 30 minute free consultation call.

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