How To Change The World

I am in the business of changing the world. I believe in radical, planet shaking transformation, that shifts the “me first”, money oriented paradigm in which we live, to a caring, sustainable future where we stop concentrating on being right at all costs and get on with the important task of solving some pretty huge problems facing us as a species. This is my Why – the reason I do what I do, make what I make and teach what I teach. It might sound grandiose, but as Marcus Aurelius said two milennia ago, “a man’s worth is no greater than his ambitions”, so I’d be selling myself short by aspiring to anything less.

As I start walking towards this Destination the next question becomes HowHow will I reach it and create the transformation I seek? How is the special sauce that allows each of us to make a unique contribution to the collective effort of living on this planet. How is where the work takes shape – it is the values, priorities and principles that make up a working practice. It is the way I translate my passion into action and have a tangible impact on the environment around me. Over years my own How has evolved through performance, therapy and coaching into a person centred, practical and straight forward practice that goes deep and sits right at the point of resistance. At its core it is all about creating enough safety for others to dare greatly – personally, professionally and purposefully.

Who are those others? Who am I talking to, working with and walking beside? Who shares my Why and wants to reach a similar Destination? Who needs my skills and services so I can make the change I want to see in the world? In business speak the Who has often been described as a niche – that little specialised subset of humanity who will want your stuff – jazz singers or bikers or Star Trek fans. I’ve always found it very hard to identify a niche because I knew my message could appeal to anyone. Instead I’ve concentrated on finding a tribe. A tribe is self selecting. If I speak and serve from my heart I trust that the right people will be attracted to what I have to say. And if I listen to what they tell me I can find ways to serve them better.

It has taken me a long time to understand clearly Who my tribe is and Who is listening when I speak.

I’m speaking to you artists and makers
I’m speaking to you teachers and trainers
I’m speaking to you therapists and carers
I’m speaking to you entrepreneurs and innovators
I’m speaking to you optimists and dreamers

I’m speaking to anyone who knows they can be more than they are and do more than they do, but are feeling held back by the way the world has organised itself.

I’m speaking to anyone who gives a shit about the planet, other people and the future and has a vision to make things kinder, fairer, cleaner and more equal.

You are not a niche, you are a movement.

In order to serve you I have been developing a series of Whats – services, products and projects to act as vehicles for my knowledge and to help you at whichever stage you happen to be at on your journey to changing the world your way.

Finding your feet and discovering who you are.
Walking your talk and taking action.
Staying on track and becoming sustainable.
Making a difference and stepping into leadership.

By helping you I help myself and every day take another step towards my world changing Destination. Because this is an Evolution, not a Revolution. As we discover ourselves we rediscover one another, and hopefully recognise enough of our collective humanity to transition gracefully without having to tear the old world apart in our desire for change. Changing the world happens person by person. As we wake up to the fact that our intrinsic worth gives us the power to make a real difference in the world around us, we can move mountains.

Yes, our intrinsic worth. Not the overblown, narcissistic self obsession that gnaws at the heart of many of our celebrities and politicians, for this is born of insecurity and inner despair. But a real, deep knowing that rests in the core, assuring us that we are enough just as we are.

This is the core of my work – connecting you with you so you can collaborate with others and contribute to the collective endeavour of making positive, long lasting change.


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