How To Change The World

I am in the business of changing the world. I believe in radical, planet shaking transformation, that shifts the “me first”, money oriented paradigm in which we live, to a caring, sustainable future where we stop concentrating on being right at all costs and get on with the important task of solving some pretty huge […]

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Smile And The World Smiles With You

You are important. Not a social media “look at me” kind of important, or an “I run a company/country/the world” kind of important. But intrinsically important as an individual, unique human being living on this planet. Everything you do, say and think matters, because your every action and every word has an effect on everything […]

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The Time Between Stories

It’s a new year, fresh and shiny and full of promise and possibility. Emerging out of the darkness and confusion of 2016 we’re in a new space where anything could happen. In some ways 2016 was the year in which everything DID happen – Brexit, Trump, the rise of the European Right, the fall of […]

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Who Are We?

Its been a challenging 24 hours. Not just for the nation but for me personally. I’m still processing what it means to have left the EU. Aside from the political jockeying, the absence of leadership from the now silent Leave politicians (where are you Boris? Did you choose now to go on holiday?), the crash […]

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Sliding Doors

It is the afternoon of Thursday 23 June 2016 and today feels like a moment of real significance – a day that will determine the course of our country’s (and perhaps our continent’s) future. Dr Who would call this a “fixed point in time”, a moment with such far reaching consequences it can never be […]

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Who is Responsible?

Last weekend the Royal Opera House hosted an open space forum discussion about the future of opera. Phelim McDermott, Artistic Director of Improbable Theatre Company and Director of the memorable ENO production of Satyagraha, has been running these events for 8 years and has wanted to ask this very question to the opera world for […]

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