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I’m a coach, therapist, trainer and edupreneur, creating new models for social change based around education, culture and personal development. I believe that social problems stem from personal problems and I work around the world to bring people back in touch with themselves so they can live consciously creative, connected lives as part of vibrant communities. Projects have taken me to the Balkans, India and the Middle East as well as all around the UK and Europe.

My personal experience has shown me that people live best when they know who they are and how they fit into the world around them. Only by combining a personal awareness of Identity, Business and Performance will we ever find success on our own terms and become the Leaders we aspire to be.

For 13 years I was a professional opera singer, performing for companies like the ROH, ENO, the Young Vic and Teatro Communale di Bologna. During the course of my career I played everything from a Count to a dog to the dirtiest man in Damascus.

Working as a singer has made me flexible, taught me to be a team player and trained me in the mastery of split level focus. It also taught me that it often takes the different skills of many people working together to create something meaningful.

I transitioned out of a full time singing career to start using the skills I’d developed for community development. Much of my work has been with Tina Ellen Lee and Opera Circus, a pioneering performing arts company which works internationally with children and young people using creative and cultural activities to explore issues of Equality, Inclusion and Child / Human Rights. I am also a trainer with Musicians Without Borders, an organisation that works with musicians internationally to build community post conflict.

When life difficulties bring up barriers that separate people from one another, the arts (especially music) have the ability to bridge those gaps and affect the individual on all levels – biological, psychological and social – delivering healing in the shape of enjoyment, fulfilment and shared experience, and bringing people back together when they need each other most. I’ve seen this first hand working with men and women, adults and children, mainstream and differently abled and I’m constantly amazed by the ability of human beings to transcend profound difficulties to express the beauty in themselves.

I’m a passionate advocate of entrepreneurship and I believe that harnessing the power of business skills for social good is our best chance of lifting people out of poverty and into empowered lives. I’ve been running entrepreneurship programmes in schools since 2009, linking young people, teachers and employers from around the world to create new projects and businesses, and with Claire Webster co-created a new model of education based around the Self-Managed Learner which is currently being embedded in the Aldridge Foundation Academy group in the UK.

In 2012 I co-produced The Singing Entrepreneur forum in collaboration with Arlene Rolph, a two day event for the classical music industry aimed at helping musicians take control of their careers. I’m also a teacher and partner in The Complete Freedom of Truth (TCFT) programme, an international youth-led project with the ambition to develop global youth citizenship through culture and the arts.

In 2008 I co-founded The Starr Trust with my brother in law Rob, a Brighton based charity that supports young people aged 10-18 to fulfil their potential through sports, arts, education and enterprise.

We are now planning our expansion into a purpose built community hub on the seafront in Hove as part of a multi million pound regeneration project, led by us.

In response to the humanitarian refugee crisis which hit the European consciousness in 2015, I co-founded The School Bus Project with Kate McAllister and Dr Stephanie Bengtsson, a grass roots organisation that trained teachers to provide education to refugees living in the Jungle camp, Calais, in a converted double decker bus. Now that the Jungle has closed, Kate and I have founded Crisis Classroom, a global movement which trains people to help all refugees and displaced people to relearn life in another language so they can stand on their own two feet again.

I’m a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (trauma therapist), a Brainspotter, a Sound Healer and a High Performance Coach.

I’m also co-creator with artist Joellen Lily, of Circular Sounds, a transformational process using the power of symbols to expand potential, build teams and unlock human capital, a process which has become the foundation of all my work and informs the way I see the universe around me.

I’m based in Brighton in the South East of England, close to my wonderful family and part of an incredible community of Change Makers who inspire me on a daily basis.

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