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Your life is your choice. At work or at play the decisions you make shape who you are and affect the lives of those around you. Your choices can either keep you stuck going over old ground or take you forward to pastures new.

Your feet are the key to which way you go. Here’s why…

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How to be yourself

Who Are We?


Its been a challenging 24 hours. Not just for the nation but for me personally. I’m still processing what it means to have left the EU. Aside from the political jockeying, the absence of leadership from the now silent Leave politicians (where are you Boris? Did you choose now to go on holiday?), the crash […]

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My personal experience has shown me that people live best when they know who they are and how they fit into the world around them. I believe that the answer to this lies inside each one of us. But because life can get in the way, you sometimes need someone else to come along and shine a light on what you already know, by asking the right questions and making the right connections.

I think of myself as a guide. You have the map. I’m here with a torch and a swiss army knife to get you where you want to go.


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